Riddling Riddle Riddlers Answers


Q: You could paint this horse breed red, white and blue.

A: American Paint


Q: I don't pile up points, but I garner lots of praise! But please don't put wet dishes on me!  What breed am I?

A: Racking horse


Q: In the desert sun I may look like gold and as a breed I'm very old.

A: Akhal Teke


Q: You are in a field with 3 horses, Babe, Bob, and Ben.  Ben is standing on his back legs,  Bob is standing on one more leg than Ben. Babe is standing normally.  How many legs are touching the ground?

A: 11


Q: It's small and sharp but a horse will wear it.

A: Tack


Q: Your friend always keeps water bottles in her backpack. What animal does this remind you of?

A: Camel


Q: My bloodlines are ancient.  I was a warhorse for the Romans, a draft horse for medieval peasants, and a sure-footed, hard-wintering mountain horse for all of Austria. What am I?

A: Noriker


Q: This horse breed may live in Germany, perhaps in Hanover?

A: Hanoverian


Q: This breed says this when left in very cold weather.  I'm ____!

A: Friesian


Q: What has 1,000 eyes, 2,000 shoes and eats grass?

A: 500 horses


Q: I may be stubborn but I'm always ready to listen.

A: Mule


Q: What 9 letter horse breed starts with A and ends with A?

A: Appaloosa


Q: If a king sits on gold, who sits on Silver?

A: Lone Ranger


Q: Not only is this a salad dressing, you might find a horse here too!

A: Ranch


Q: This colored equine must really enjoy beans.

A: Pinto


Q: What equine color is also part of a horse?

A: Chestnut


Q: When mature this horse breed is white and don't give it any lip about it!

A: Lipizzan


Q: I'm a breed from Central America...don't pass me by, and with an Italian accent I'm so fine!

A: Paso Fino


Q: It's at the beginning of steeplechase, at the end of rodeos, and within horses? What is it?

A: S


Q: Your horse might shout this, or shout for this.

A: Hay


Q: Justin's favorite horse is more than awesome, but what is its name?

A: Morgan


Q: A type of shoe. Dogs like to chew some shoes, but not this.  In fact,  people like to play with this shoe when it's old more than dogs!

A: Horse Shoe


Q: What is an Equus Caballus?

A: Horse


Q: This breed has a big heart but comes in a small package and is from the island it is named after.

A: Shetland


Q: A confusing equine coloring.  Using either first or second alphabetical vowels.  Better use 'e' for me.

A: Grey


Q: What word has these in common: tack, shower and to restrain.

A: Bridle


Q: This equine coloring, mispronounced, suggests it is a friend of yours.

A: Palomino


Q: Name a breed that is from Kentucky, and is named after a piece of tack?

A: Saddlebred


Q: My hooves are striped but my body is not. I can run a great distance without getting hot. What breed am I?

A: Appaloosa


Q: Because it's all ready.  An equine of this coloring rarely needs to do any work.

A: Dun


Q: This horse breed and waffles go well together.

A: Belgian


Q: I don't think I'd like a nice Hawaiian one, but one from Suffolk might do. What breed am I?

A: Suffolk Punch


Q: I'm ardent about drafting, and so I should be! I'm the oldest known draft breed and I fought with Napoleon. What breed am I?

A: Ardennais


Q: The question with this gait is, can you or can't you?

A: Canter


Q: I love oysters, saltines and the Sunshine State! What breed of horse am I?

A: Florida Cracker


Q: I'm a souped-up horse with plenty of spirit. I'm a star jumper who really knows how to leap up from down under, and I come in every color - even Botany Bay!

A: Australian Stock Horse


Q: It's monday. You ride into town on Tuesday. One day passes.  What day is it?

A: Tuesday


Q: A horse breed and a machine.  What am I?

A: Mustang


Q: Take a horse, divide it in two, repeat.  Resemble a breed?

A: Quarter Horse


Q: An equine coloring and yet not a color.  Without light, likely visible at night.

A: White


Q: This breed has a big heart but comes in a small package and is from the island it is named after.

A: Shetland


Q: A Breed named after steep sided ocean inlets in Norway.

A: Fjord


Q: This tack isn't very happy.

A: Saddle


Q: Peanuts are named after the country this breed is from. Look hard.  I'm no illusion.

A: Andalusian


Q: "Stubborn as a ?" or "Kicks like a ?"

A: Mule


Q: I like to give MORE! They crossed two great breeds to make me, and now I'm my own breed.  What am I?

A: Morab


Q: An equine coloring; high in the forest; an open fire.

A: Chestnut


Q: You may think it's a little corny, but I'm a pony and a horse! I can stand as low as 13.2 hands, but as high as 16, and that's a whale of a pony!

A: Welsh Cob


Q: This breed is no hobbit, though you might have thought it at first, until you saw one.

A: Shire


Q: You may receive this equine breed for valentines day, but smaller and it  tastes like chocolate!

A: Belgian


Q: I'm the "horse of the sea." My coat is white or grey like the sea foam, so bring your camera for a picture!

A: Camargue


Q: This breed only throws half of what it's got.

A: Haflinger


Q: I was on my way to Treeton one day, when I met a girl with five horses. Each horse had five dogs, each dog had five cat friends, and each cat had five mice. All in all, how many were going to Treeton?

A: 1


Q: This footwear is very lucky.

A: Horse Shoe


Q: Don't let my name scare you.  I'm not angry, although I might be a little hungry! I love a good steeplechase and I'm fast in the harness.

A: Furioso


Q: Do you get hungry when you hear my name? Many people do! But I am not a breakfast pastry. What am I?

A: Danish Warmblood


Q: This sounds like the  most important thing, it sits between two corn and lies above a double 'i'.

A: Mane


Q: Hudson, Chesapeake, Equine Coloring

A. Bay


Q: What has 4 hooves, 2 ears, and blends with a crowd?

A: Zebra


Q: Your horse might be fast but still, it cannot beat this in a race.  While it might be smaller than your horse at noon,  it can be quite larger at other times of the day.  At night,  you will have trouble finding it.

A: Shadow


Q: I'm a big, milky-white horse who's risen to the top in America. I can truly say I'm the top of the crop!  What breed am I?

A: American Cream Draft


Q: I'm a big, milky-white horse who's risen to the top in America. I can truly say I'm the top of the crop!  What breed am I?

A: Llama


Q: I'm not the breed used by the RCMP, but you might yell, "Oh, Canada!" when you see me! What am I?

A: Canadian Horse


Q: Your horse is in a race. You are picking up speed and pass the horse that is in 2nd place. What place are you in now?

A: 2nd


Q: This brush isn't made out of a tasty dish.

A: Curry


Q: If my mother was my father and my father was my mother, my name would be Hinny. Instead I joined the army and I'm a plain old ____.

A: Mule


Q: I must be done by now. I've been domesticated for 4,000 years! I have a thick shaggy coat and love the snow, but I can jump and even do dressage. There's no way you won't love me.

A: Norwegian Fjord


Q: Buried Alive? I surely once was. Unburied I died. Should have been a 'Parrot', Then that horse wouldn't have done what it did to me. What was I?

A: Carrot


Q: A meticulous loaf of wheat that is also an equine breed.

A: Thoroughbred


Q: My ears are my distinguishing mark. If they were charged up, you might see a spark! What breed am I?

A: Kathiawari


Q: I won't fall apart while moving, as my name might suggest.

A: Walkaloosa


Q: No, I'm not made of French maize! I'm an old, proud breed.

A: Norman Cob


Q: I am a horse robed in bright red gems! What am I?

A: Kladruby


Q: There. In few words: what breed?

A: Tersky









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