F5 - Close the Horse Isle window


F6 - Use the telescope


F7 - Dismount and remount the horse you last mounted


F8 - Grab all objects off the ground


F11 - Expand Horse Isle window


F12 - Takes you to your ranch



Hint: To go faster down hit the little "x" in the upper right corner of the box.


Chat Shortcuts


AFK - *away from game for a bit*


ASAP - as soon as possible


BBL - be back later


BRB - be right back


BTW - by the way


CYA - See you


GTG - got to gallop


HO - hold on


IDK - I don't know


IMO - in my opinion


JK - just kidding


LMAO - *laughing my horse's rump off*


LOL - *laughing out loud!*


L8 - late


L8R - later


NP - no problem


NS - duh!


OIC - oh, I see


OMG - oh my gosh


ROFL - *rolling on floor laughing*


ROFLMAO - *rolling on floor laughing my bottom quarters right off!*


TTFN - !!- Ta Ta for now -!!


TTYL - talk to you later


TY - thank you


WB - welcome back


WC - wrong chat


WTF/WTH - what the horse poo!


WTG - !!- Way To Go -!!


XOXO - *lots of love!*


YW - you're welcome




Warping is possible when you rent a unicorn on Cloud Isle. Renting one costs $1 million but it is very useful when whispering horses etc. There are a few isles that are unwarpable and some can't be warped to without using its full name. (Left out from the list below)


Appleton: Ap or Apple
Earton: E
Cantle Meadows: Can
The Cloud Isles: The C
Santon: San
Tropicton: Tro
Treeton: Tr
Horse Isle: H
Saddle Isle: S
Cat Isle: C
Witherton: W
Mare Isle: M
Ice Isle: I
Art Isle: A
Hotton: Hot
The Sand Isles: Th
Welcome Isle: We
Rider Isle: R
Ring Isle: Rin
Flower Isle: F
Dolphin Isle: D
Fipperton: Flip
Jungle Isle: J
Rainy Meadows: Ra
Vine Isle: V
Pirate Isle: P
Prison Isle: Pr
Crossbones Camp: Cro
Soaring Meadows: So
Wington: Win
Hotzeplotz Isle: Hotz
Whiskerton: Wh
Whorl Isle: Who
Rock Isle: Ro
Hare Isle: Ha
Haven Isle: Hav
Carrotton: Car
Quiet Isle: Q
Lilac Isle: L
Lava Isle: La
Ashton: As
Molten Meadows: Mo
Puuhonua Isle: Pu
Pumice Isle: Pum
Igneous Isle: Ig
Scoria Isle: Sc
Basalt isle: Ba
Starfish isle: St
Tail Isle: T
Theobroma Isle - Theo
Loch isle - Lo
Half haven isle – Hal
Desert isle: Des
Icicle isle: Ici
Paradise Isle: Pa
Patsy Isle: Pat
Chillton: Chil
Christmas Isle: Ch
Sunshine Meadows: Su
Tail End: Tail E
Frigid Meadows: Fr
Dust Isle: Du
Aesop Isle: Ae
Berg Isle: Be
Snowball Isle: Snowb
Crystalton: Cry
Skullton: Sk
Hotton: Hot
Hat Isle: Hat
Magma Isle: Mag
Web Isle: Web
Shimmer Isle: Shi
Shellton: Sh
Talon Isle: Tal
Turtle Isle: Tu
Spirit Isle: Sp
Nonesuch Isle: No
Bone Isle: Bo
Eldorado Isle: El
Drill Isle: Dr
Tranquility Isle: Tr
Serenity Isle: Se
Torrid Isle: To
Crescent Isle: Cre
Hoof Isle: Hoo
Spice Isle: Spic
Palm Isle: Pal
Ardent isle: Ard
Atropos Isle: At
Inkton: In





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